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XL243A - SECURAPLANE XL243A Emergency Battery System - Multi-output power supply, 1...

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SECURAPLANE XL243A Emergency Battery System - Multi-output power supply, 1 hour discharge rate, Built-In Test Equipment, built-in precision charging system, Sealed Lead Acid Hawker "Cyclon" batteries Simple Type: Battery

Securaplane's Sealed Lead Acid XL243A emergency battery system has been designed to function as an uninterruptable power supply to support a Windows NT cabin file server. Featuring field proven sealed lead acid batteries, battery level test, and built-in precision charging system, the XL243A series is the answer for aircraft operators demanding low battery maintenance. The XL243A supplies two outputs. Output 1 provides 18 to 32 VDC at 2 amperes and output 2 provides 12.5 VDC at 3 amperes. "Power Failure" and "Low Battery" information are communicated to the server from the XL243A through RS-232 compatible signals and "UPS Shutdown" may be transmitted to the XL243A at the end of Windows NT shutdown.

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  • No Need to Remove for Capacity Check Batteries
  • Built-In Test Equipment
  • Cabin File NT server
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Full 3 Year Warranty on Batteries
  • Full 5 Year Warranty on Electronics
  • Inexpensive Battery Replacement
  • IRS/INS/3rd Standby Attitude Reference
  • No “Memory” Characteristics
  • No Deep Cycling
  • System Back-up Power


  • Aircraft Bus Power Output 1: Vin - 0.6 VDC, 2.0 Amperes
  • Aircraft Bus Power Output 2: 11.7-13.3VDC,3.0 Amperes
  • Battery Power Output 1: 18-26 VDC, 2.0 Amperes
  • Battery Power Output 2: 11.7-13.3VDC, 3.0 Amperes
  • Connector: MS3122E14-12S
  • Discharge Time for Fully Charged Batteries: Minimum 10 minutes from “transfer to battery” to “battery low” signal (outputs remain on), Minimum 20 minutes from “transfer to battery” to battery cutoff (outputs turned off)
  • Input Power: 18-32 VDC (28 VDC nom.), 10A max. at 25 VDC input. (Charger + Output 1 load + Output 2 load)
  • Qual: (DO-l6OD) 4(F2), 5(B), 6(B), 7, 8(C), 13(F), 15(A),16(Z), 17(A), 18(Z), 19(Z), 20(R), 21(M), 22(A3XX), 25(A)
  • Signal Inputs (RS-232 Compatible): UPS Shutdown signal (low or floating:shutdown) disconnects batteries from load
  • Signal Outputs (RS-232 Compatible): Power Failure signal activates (high:true) when input bus drops below 25 VDC(unit has t
  • Size : 7.30 inches long, 5.60 inches wide (plus 0.85 inch mounting flange on each side), 2.80 inches high
  • Transportation: Dry cell classification by DOT



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