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BC-1301 - SECURAPLANE BC1301 Mainship Battery Chargers - Utilize advanced DC to...

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SECURAPLANE BC1301 Mainship Battery Chargers - Utilize advanced DC to DC conversion technology, Used on Canadair RJ-200 and Challenger 604, Patented Battery Charging Method Simple Type: Battery Charger

Designed for rapid operator payback, the BC-1300 Series of Main Ship Battery Chargers significantly reduces battery and charger maintenance while eliminating the guess work of identifying and solving battery/charger problems. Securaplane’s new, innovative battery chargers utilitize advanced DC to DC conversion technology, patented charging algorithms, comprehensive diagnostics and fault isolation. Old technology chargers typically gauge the charge time based solely according to the cell voltage. This las led to either overcharging or under-charging the battery, with resulting water loss and increased maintenance.

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  • Extensive Diagnostics with Alphanumeric Display
  • Fault Storage
  • Patented Battery Charging Method


  • Battery Faults: Abnormal Temperature, Temperature sensor circuit, cell unbalance sensor unit
  • Charge Mode: Bulk Charge Mode, Topping Charge Mode, Trickle Charge Mode
  • Charger Faults: Fan Speed, CPU, Temperature, Voltage, Current, Power, Stored fault history
  • Connectors: MS27335T14A18P (or equivalent), MS3452W20-14P (or equivalent)
  • Diagnostics: Self Test, Output Voltage, Output current, Operating Hours, Temperatures, Power
  • Input Power: Aircraft 115VAC 3 Phase 400 HZ, (102-124 VAC Operating), Efficiency 85%-89%, Low input power distortion
  • LED display: 8 character alpha-numeric
  • Output Power: Max output current 40 Amps @ 30V, Max output voltage 36VDC @ 33A
  • Size: 4.30”x 4.90”x 8.90” max
  • Time: date, software revision
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs



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