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XL500 - SECURAPLANE XL500 Emergency Battery System - Light-weight, Built-in charger, Computer...

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SECURAPLANE XL500 Emergency Battery System - Light-weight, Built-in charger, Computer controllled circuitry, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries Simple Type: Battery

Securaplane’s XL500 Series Emergency Battery Systems are the most technically advanced ¼ ATR battery packs available today. The XL500/5 has been selected for the Raytheon (Beech) Premier aircraft and is similar in concept to Securaplane's very reliable XL246 (thousands in use) series of Emergency Battery Systems currently in use on Gulfstream III and IV, Canadair Challenger, Falcon, and other aircraft. The XL500 Series includes the XL500/5 and the lighter weight, lower capacity XL250/5. The XL500 Series replaces all BFG (JET) units which do not require A/C input

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  • Built in test equipment–no need to remove from aircraft to perform capacity check
  • Built-in charger to insure peak charge state
  • Bus “hold-up” during engine start
  • Computer controlled circuitry with discrete circuitry backup for complete redundancy
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Full 3 year warranty on batteries
  • Full 5 year warranty on electronics
  • IRS/INS/3rd Standby Attitude Reference System Back-up Power
  • Low cost battery replacement
  • No ”Memory” characteristics
  • No deep cycling


  • Alphanumeric Display Functions: Stores fault for later trouble-shooting, Charge mode indication of bulk or trickle charge, Indicates battery charge level, charge current, temperature and voltage output, Displays Elapsed Total Time of power applied
  • Battery Output at 24 VDC nominal: XL250: 2.5A for 40 minutes: Will feed 7 ohm load (3.3 amp nominal) for 60 minutes or constant 3.5 amps for 60 minutes, XL500: 5A for 40 minutes:Will feed 14 ohm load (1.7 amp nominal) for 60 minutes or constant 1.8 amps for 60 minutes
  • Connector: ARINC 404 DPXB-13-34P-0101
  • Fault Outputs from Processor: Charger Fault, Battery Fault, Heater Fault, Converter Fault,
  • Input Power: 18-36 VDC (28 VDC Nominal), 12A max (Battery charge + Lighting + Heater Blanket)
  • Lighting Converter Output: Adjustable 2.5 - 5.5 VDC 25 Watts
  • Qual: DO 160C, 4(F2), 5(B), 6(C), 7, 8(C), 10(W), 12(D), 13(F), 14(S), 15(Z), 16(Z),
  • Signal Inputs: Cockpit test S/W initiates BIT and capacity test from cockpit
  • Size: ARINC 404, ¼ ATR – 7.62 x 2.3 x 14.11 inches (max)
  • Transportation: Dry cell classification by DOT
  • Weight: XL500: 14.3 LBS. (max), XL250: 10.2 LBS. (max)



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