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XL249 - SECURAPLANE XL249 Emergency Battery System - Built-In Test Equipment, Emergency...

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SECURAPLANE XL249 Emergency Battery System - Built-In Test Equipment, Emergency Lighting, 18 to 24 VDC, Sealed Lead Acid batteries Simple Type: Battery

Securaplane's XL249 Emergency Battery System has been selected by Gulfstream for the Gulfstream V aircraft. This system is used to provide emergency power for: Lighting, 28VDC bus back-up and Flight instrumentation. The XL249 provides 9 amp hours of power at 18 to 24 VDC measured at the one hour discharge rate.

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  • 4 Amp solid state s/vv with current limit
  • 4 Amp solid state s/w with current limit
  • 4 Amp solid state s/w with current limit. Emergency Power Outputs (13A for 30 minutes at 24 VDC nominal)
  • 5 Amp circuit breaker output
  • Aircraft Emergency Bus A and B fed through the Emergency Batter System (EBS). If A or B buses fail, bus A is fed from a 15A solid state S/W and Bus B is fed from a 5A solid state S/W.
  • Avionics Back-up Power
  • Built-In Test Equipment
  • Converts 115 VAC at 400 Hz to DC
  • Emergency Bus Back-up
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Inexpensive Battery Replacement
  • IRS/INS Back-up Power
  • No “Memory” Characteristics
  • No Deep Cycling
  • No Need to Remove for Capacity Check


  • Battery on (0.5A source): Indicates system is off line
  • Box Connector: ARINC 404 DPXBMA-67-34P-0168 Cannon or equivalent
  • Command arm (grnd): Activates battery system when A/C bus A or B is below 20 V.C
  • Command off (grnd): Battery outputs off line. Charger continues to function
  • Command on (grnd): Battery system connected to loads
  • Cooling: Convection (No forced air)
  • Fault (as above): Indicates a system fault. Fault details displayed on unit front panel
  • Impact sensor (grnd): Battery system activated regardless of other commands
  • Inhibit (+28 VDC: Inhibits charge function. Enables A/C systems to check EM battery voltage
  • Mounting: ½ ATR short tray
  • Qual: DO-160 and HALT tested -15 to +55C -55 to + 71º C (55,000 ft)
  • Size: ARINC 404, ½ ATR short. (8.63 x 4.88 x 15 inches) max
  • System off (1 A sink to grnd): Indicates system is off line
  • Systems not armed (as above): Indicates system is not armed
  • Weight: 29 lbs. (max)



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