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INV1500 - SECURAPLANE INV1500 INVERTER - higher reliability, efficiency , lower harmonic...

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SECURAPLANE INV1500 INVERTER - higher reliability, efficiency , lower harmonic distortion, Cold Plate Induction, fault protection Simple Type: Inverter

Modular design and years of experience in solid state inverter design provide the recipe for the efficient, low cost construction of the INV1500. Cost of this evolutionary product is approximately 1/2 that of inverters in use today. Designed to incorporate the latest state-of-the-art power FET transistors to provide higher reliability, efficiency and lower harmonic distortion than existing inverters utilizing older transistor technology. This TSO-C73 approved unit also features trimodal cooling and moisture immunity for operation in the harshest environments. Securaplane’s designers have applied over 50 years of solid state inverter experience to the INV-1500. The experience provides for a design that is modular, has a low EMI signature, yet incorporates proven electronics and magnetics technology advances. Use of power FET transistors provide a significantly higher efficiency than earlier transistor devices; the resulting reduction in heat increasing component reliability.

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  • (+28VDC provided when unit is correct.)
  • Cold Plate Induction
  • Input Time Delay/Remote Fault Indication
  • Internal forced air
  • Natural Convection
  • Over temperature
  • Over/Under frequency
  • Over/Under Input Voltage
  • Over/Under Output Voltage


  • Height: 5.90”
  • Length: 12.50” not including connectors
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Width: 7.03”



  • None Available


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